Defence & Security

Defence & Security is a strategic market and a source of development of new technological capabilities, competitiveness for the economies and collaboration in multi-national programmes.

Being able to rely on a trusted operator, to count on secure communications and data protection are just some of the essential needs of the customer in the defence & security sector, as monitoring and mapping of the territory are essential for intelligence activities.

Furthermore, today the link between space and defence is getting closer and closer because Space Domain Awareness is the last frontier not only for technological, industrial, intelligence and political competition, but for innovations that open up new scenarios of space operations conducted by appropriate military forces.

Such complex scenario needs a joint all-domain approach: space systems capabilities, cyber security and legacy air, ground and sea operations are strictly related and will be always more soon.

Secure and resilient communications 

All scenarios connectivity

Data exploitation for ISR, GEOINT & IMINT activities

Easy access to information

Space & Ground asset management

Space domain monitoring

Telespazio, which also relies on the capabilities of its shareholders, two global defence groups such as Leonardo and Thales, is a trusted player for defence space services in the domestic markets where it operates and throughout Europe.

Telespazio is one of the consolidated partners of the MoDs in its domestic markets for the development of ground segments, as well as supporting space operations, for military, satellite communications and ISR/Earth observation mission in first-rate military centres such as Vigna di Valle, Pratica di Mare or Creil.

Telespazio plays a strategic role in tactical military satellite communications (MILSATCOM), thanks to its multi-year experience and to its participation in numerous space programs, providing MILSATCOM services for Ministries of Defences.

In the field of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), Geospatial intelligence (GEOINT), IMagery INTelligence (IMINT), Telespazio provides platforms capable of real-time reports generation, using artificial intelligence algorithms.


Ministries of Defence

Space Forces

Space Agencies



  • Secure services on a global scale
  • State-of-the-art proprietary and third-party equipment
  • Value added services
  • Support services

Geoinformation digital platforms

  • Security and surveillance systems

  • Support the whole ISR, GEOINT & IMINT cycle 

  • Proprietary AI algorithms

  • Real time report generation

Ground systems and operations

  • Space mission design

  • Mission ground segment

  • Ground systems development and evolution

  • Space operations preparation and execution

  • Support services at customer premises

  • Secure by design approach

Space Domain Awareness

  • Space Traffic Management (STM)
  • Space asset protection
  • In-Orbit Servicing (IOS)

Satellite Data

Telespazio, through e-GEOS and GAF, offers the best-in-class radar and optical satellite data from the major satellite constellations, including COSMO-SkyMed First and Second Generation.

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