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The maritime domain is a key element in the economy and security worldwide.

Sea lanes are critical to world trade, which is why they need to be managed, regulated, and connected as best as possible, safeguarding the safety of all.

At the same time, passenger transport by sea allows-as compared to the automobile and airplane-to emit less Co2 per kilometer traveled, an environmental benefit that drives the need for ever faster and more up-to-date connectivity services.

Thus ports, a docking point for people and goods, represent the point of contact between the land and sea domains and a crucial element in the planet's economic and social ecosystem.

Finally, the sea-which covers more than 70 percent of the planet-is a fragile and delicate ecosystem that must be protected with all available technologies, not least because through fishing it is a source of life for numerous communities around the globe.

Worldwide data and voice connections

Easy installation equipment

Environment protection

Global traffic monitoring

Border control

Telespazio solutions in the maritime domain leverage on its Teleports worldwide network and state-of-the-art equipment, both proprietary and third-party, for all types of vessels, whether passenger, cargo, fishing or leisure.

As well, Telespazio offers, through e-GEOS and GAF, innovative geoinformation digital platforms capable - thanks to satellite data and innovative artificial intelligence techniques -  to monitor the status of the seas and vessel traffic.


Governments and Ministries of Defence

Shipping Companies

Fishing Industry

Passenger Ships Operators

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  • Tailored solutions for passengers, cargo, shipping and fishing vessels

  • VSAT C, Ka and Ku Band

  • LEO services

  • Inmarsat e Iridium L Band

  • LTE/4G


  • VSAT antenna’s system

  • L-Band equipment

  • Telespazio mobile communication box “T-Box”

  • Network equipment (switch, access point, etc.)


  • Ship & oil spill detection reports

  • Maritime intelligence services (MARINT)

  • H24/7 Satellite data processing and delivery in near real time


  • Telespazio Network Control Center (NCC)

  • Help desk 24/7

  • Network design & integration

  • Global network for installation, delivery & maintenance

Satellite Data

Telespazio, through e-GEOS and GAF, offers radar and optical satellite data from the major satellite constellations, including COSMO-SkyMed First and Second Generation.

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