Since its foundation, one of Telespazio's missions has been to enable all the citizens of Europe to know live what is happening in other parts of the planet through TV and Radio broadcasting via satellite.

From the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 to the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon, Telespazio has helped broadcast the great events of humanity using satellite technology and its teleports.

Reliable broadcasting via satellite

Digital distribution

Content delivery

Over the years, Telespazio has also developed technologies and services to enable TV and Radio Broadcasting from remote areas of the world and also services and solutions for the cinema market that make distribution of movies more efficient and faster.

Today, some of the world's leading television and radio broadcasters rely on Telespazio to provide a wide range of multimedia content to their end users.



Movie distributors

Radio Broadcasters

TV Broadcasters

Solutions & Services

  • SD, HD and Ultra HD playout systems

  • Hosting and management of playout system

  • Disaster recovery solutions

  • Multimedia solution for Digital Cinema Package

  • Theatrical delivery

  • Post production, delivery and management of the content

  • Operated from Fucino and Lario Space Centers

  • Encoding & Conditional access services

  • Hybrid Broadcast Broadband Tv services (HbbTV)

  • 24/7 Monitoring and control

  • Time-shifting & Archive

  • Uplink, Downlink and Turn-around services

  • Wide distribution services in C, Ku, DBS and Kafrequencies

  • Transmission in site diversity and automatic switching XBM

Content Management

Telespazio offers hosting and technical monitoring for SD, HD and Ultra HD playout systems as provided by our customers.

Every day Telespazio is trusted to manage reception and satellite distribution of sport, entertainment, news and corporate communications contents.

Digital Cinema

MARTCinema is a multimedia solution for the DCP (Digital Cinema Package) deliveryA bidirectional network of the delivery process: from rapidly ingesting Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs), checking the Key Delivery Message (KDM), to their timely delivery and automated handoff to Theatre Management Systems on a precise schedule. 

Expert help desk, fully competent in each technical issues and process, to provide optimal performance.


Telespazio provides transmission services of Television and Radio channels through our digital platforms to allow broadcasters to distribute their contents in a wide area using various satellites and orbital positions.

Digital Platform Services are mainly operated from our Fucino and Lario Space Centres in Italy.

Telespazio's Digital Platforms provide facilities and services to gather television, radio and multimedia signals delivered to Telespazio via dedicated terrestrial networks, through the public Internet or generated by playout systems directly installed and connected to our platforms.

Signals are transmitted in DVB-S and DVB-S2 through geo stationary satellites, mainly over Central and Eastern Europe as well as Middle East and North Africa countries.

Provided services include EPG and HBBTV features.

Transmission facilities

Telespazio provides Uplink, Downlink and Turn-around services covering a very wide range of the geostationary arc (Fucino E/S can operate from 83°E to 57°W) thanks to its teleport facilities spread all over the world.

Telespazio can operate on all frequency bands assigned to satellite services (from L band to Ka) with capability to receive weak signals and transmit high power thanks a wide range of antennas and size up to 32 meter.

Telespazio's transmission facilities are able to provide the needed solutions to deliver our customers’ contents safely and effectively, from the Uplink up to the disaster recovery solutions. Telespazio can transport video and data over long distances to almost anywhere on Earth.

Telespazio's Teleport services are trusted by the major international broadcasters. In 2018, our Fucino Space Center has awarded the Tier 4 full certification (the highest degree of excellence), by the WTA (World Teleport Association).

All Telespazio's Space Centers are interconnected via fiber in order to guarantee a site diversity redundancy and to provide disaster recovery solutions to assure our customers with the highest levels of availability.

Space Center & Teleports

Telespazio ranks among the world's leading satellite services operators. The company relies on a domestic and international network of space centre and teleports, the most important being the Fucino Space Centre in the Abruzzo region (Italy). Telespazio also operates in Italy through its Lario, Matera and Scanzano Space Centres. The company runs its own teleports in Brazil, Argentina and Romania.

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