GAF was founded as one of the first satellite remote sensing companies in Europe by Rupert Haydn, AHT International and WAF trust fund. The company initially provided services centered on Earth Observationsatellite data. This offering was soon complemented with information system and spatial software technology.

Right from the very start, the company also developed a broad geo-scientific portfolio of consulting services around development assistance projects, and has now worked with customers in over 100 countries.

Today, GAF and its 220 employees offer a broad range of services and applications, ranging from multi source geodata procurement (satellite data, DEM, land use and land cover data), high throughput image processing and analysis, information processing and software development towards the provision of turnkey technical assistance projects and customised spatial management and monitoring systems.A specific strength is the provision of project management and capacity building services in any project dealing with thematic mapping, remote sensing, databases and information systems.

Since 2003 GAF is part of the Telespazio Group of companies with its affiliation to e-GEOS, and does have also access to even wider resources. At the beginning of 2014, the company's subsidiary Euromap, based in Neustrelitz, was integrated into GAF, thereby adding outstanding capabilities relating to data provision and product generation, including reception and distribution rights for Indian EO satellites.