Technological innovation, new domains approach and pioneering spirit: the space sector is the new frontier by definition. Backed by over 60 years of experience, Telespazio is one of the most recognised companies in the field, working on numerous projects and collaborations with every major Space Players worldwide.

From the legacy major international Institutional space projects to new market evolutions ignited by New Space Companies, Telespazio is a reliable partner in the most important space missions, for which it brings all its experience and expertise in the area of Space Operations, in the development, management and evolution of the Ground Segment - for both large and small satellite constellations - and also in the launcher sector.

In addition, with a major network of teleports distributed around the world, Telespazio makes its infrastructure and technicians available to its customers helping to achieve their business goals.

Easy access to information

Space domain monitoring

Space & Ground asset management 

Mission support development

Thanks to its proprietary EASE suite, Telespazio also offers to the Space Players a modular, flexible, multi-mission digital platform that can monitor every phase of a satellite mission, from the ground segment to the space segment until the data access. User-friendly and effective, EASE is a cloud-based platform that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Motivated by the great challenges of the future, Telespazio is also working in new innovative domains that represent major evolutions in the space sector, such as the possibility of offering navigation and telecommunication services for Space exploration missions and the upcoming return to the Moon, the challenge of Space sustainability and superiority with In-Orbit Servicing and Space Domain Awareness, and new services based on GNSS systems, which in the coming years will offer possibilities unthinkable today for companies and citizens.


Space Agencies

Satellite Operators

New Space startups

Launch Providers

Space Forces

Space Manufacturers


Space Operations

  • Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP)

  • In orbit control

  • Flight dynamics

  • TT&C services

Ground Systems

  • Control segment

  • User segment

  • Ground and teleports infrastructure

  • Support services at customer premises


  • Ground support means

  • Ground proximity means

Teleport Services

  • For space operations

  • For satellite communication

  • For geoinformation

User services

  • Marketplaces
  • Digital platforms 
  • Service value chain 


Innovative Domains

Accepting the challenge of the future, Telespazio is developing innovative new domains that include space exploration services, in-orbit servicing and space situational awareness platforms.

EASE: cloud-native solutions for your ground segment

Leveraging decades of experience in ground systems and operations, combined with modern information technologies, our brand new product line EASE offers a first-in-kind turnkey solution for all your ground segment needs.

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