In addition to being essential to the well-being of citizens and communities, space-based services play a key role in business development and sustainability in many economic sectors. 

Connectivity and telecommunications services are in high demand by both air and rail operators, as well as by all companies that operates in remote locations.

These are useful services both for the end user, just think of the spread of wi-fi on board airplanes for passengers, but also of companies to build their own network for locations spread around the world.  

Mapping & monitoring

Disaster management

Post-disaster assessment

Reliable communications

Reporting and assessments

Geoinformation is playing an increasingly important role in determining environmental and territorial changes, becoming crucial in sectors ranging from insurance to banking.

Satellites, due their ability to pass over the same point several times a day, have key features to enable continuous land monitoring and contribute critical historical analysis series. 

Telespazio offers highly innovative space services that can support companies in many industries to achieve their business and sustainability goals, helping to leverage on Space without needing an entire supporting infrastructure thanks to its assets, digital solutions and expertise.


Transport and Logistics Companies

Aerospace companies



Insurance & Finance

Telco Operators

Satellite Operators


  • Secure hybrid services on a global scale
  • LEO and GEO services
  • State-of-the-art proprietary and third-party equipment
  • Value added services
  • Support services

Drones based Solutions

  • Remote area control

  • Surveillance services

  • Monitoring services

  • Supporting drone integration with air traffic

Geoinformation digital platforms

  • Land monitoring

  • Status of infrastructure

  • Continuous infrastructure monitoring

  • Historical analysis

  • Supporting the achievement of Sustainable Goals (SDGs)

Satellite Data

Telespazio, through e-GEOS and GAF, offers radar and optical satellite data from the major satellite constellations, including COSMO-SkyMed First and Second Generation.

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