Agriculture is the basis of the global supply chain and is an essential element of food security for many countries around the world. 

Threatened by climate change, soil depletion, water scarcity, and increasingly poor human management of resources, agriculture can laverage in space and digital technologies. 

In the fifth agricultural revolution threatened by climate change, Earth Observation satellite technologies, for example, make it possible to pursue a "less is more" approach and make efficient use of soil, water, fuel and all resources needed to produce food. 

At the same time, agriculture is part of the problem, because it determines about 20 percent of the world's CO2 emissions. In this, satellite technologies such as those related to positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) are essential to reduce waste and increase transportation efficiency. 

Land & crop monitoring and management

Environmental protection and safeguard

Reduce costs and increase profitability

Support to decision making and cultivation

Telespazio, directly or through its joint ventures and subsidiaries e-GEOS and GAF, offers numerous applications and services in the field of geoinfomation to monitor crops, soils, water resources and improve yields.

In addition, through participation in GNSS space programs such as Galileo and EGNOS, Telespazio supports the evolution of agriculture into a more efficient, profitable and sustainable industry.

Finally, thanks to hybrid and satellite network communications systems together with the use of IoT sensors and a proprietary Cloud Infrastructure, Telespazio is able to manage a specific knowledge base for agriculture.


Small and Big Farmers

Insurance companies

Fintech and Food Industry




Drone based solutions

  • Weeds detection

  • Health monitoring for precise harvesting timing

  • Support to prescription mapping

  • Support to water resources monitoring

Geoinformation Digital Platforms

  • Precision farming
  • Yield analysis
  • Anomalies detection
  • Training
  • Historical analysis
  • Optical, SAR, meteorological satellites

  • Multispectral aerial

  • Multispectral drone 

  • Weather

Smart Agriculture

  • Satellite network

  • 4G/5G mobile communication

  • Radio network (LORAWAN)

  • IoT sensors

  • TPZ Cloud Infrastructure

  • Drones communications solutions


T-DROMES is a turn-key solution for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) fleet and mission management providing up to info product generation in BVLOS/BRLOS flights.

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