Innovation Award

Since 2004 Leonardo has held the Innovation Award, which Telespazio attends with determination and with excellent results, to valorise the corpus of knowledge and to promote the intellectual property of the Group.

The Leonardo Innovation Award is divided into two stages:

  • Stage #1 Innovation Award for Divisions, Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures;
  • Stage #2 Leonardo Innovation Award, which is attended by the winners of every Innovation Award within the Stage #1.

The Award is an international initiative that appeals to all the employees and represents a big opportunity to present highly innovative development design ideas associated with the business areas in which the Group operates and aimed at the improvement of company products, processes, systems and services.

Proposals may be submitted into four categories: Incremental Innovation, Radical Innovation, Ideas and Processes.

An Examining Board, which groups together company and academic members, selects, among all the submitted proposals, those that are considered more innovative from both the technological and the process innovation perspective, granting an award that is aimed at stimulating the will to prove themselves, to contribute in an original and shared manner to the innovation processes, to feel like an integral part of the design for future of the Leonardo Group.

At the end of the First Stage, the winning proposals take part in the Leonardo Innovation Award, in which a Group Examining Board is tasked with assessing their industrial value.

The Award is aimed at promoting an innovation process focused on people, in which everyone, regardless of hierarchies and of the role they hold, can and must contribute in an original and decisive manner.