One of the main objectives of the space sector is to help Governments to provide to all citizens with space-based services that can have an impact on their everyday lives.

Government actors, not surprisingly, are key players in the space market, with roles covering the entire value and production chain, as they can be both end-users of space infrastructures & services and enablers. 

On the one hand, services such as those related to geoinformation, satellite communications, navigation and positioning and timing, and meteorology are now part of our everyday lives and play a crucial role, for example, in emergency management, enabling Civil Protections and rescue services to improve their response to disasters.

But that's not all, because space and innovative drone-based services can be useful for monitoring isolated areas of cities, to the benefit of citizens' safety. 

Not to mention the fundamental support of space services in the management of our cities, in the several services for sustainability. 

Support in disaster management

Critical communication

Land administration and mapping

Sustainability for Earth and Space

Space & Ground asset management

Mission support development

Governments, in collaborations with Space Agencies, are also the enablers of large-scale space exploration projects, with all the technological and economic returns this entails in terms of scientific research, knowledge, as well as the new development possibilities offered by the search for rare materials on other celestial bodies.

All these projects are crucial for economic development and the state of art of technology and innovation. 

With more than 60-year of experience acting as trusted Governments partner, Telespazio offers a wide range of services, in satellite communications, geoinformation and with drones.

In addition, Telespazio is one of the main partner for the development of Ground Systems and Operations for the main Institutional space missions, such as Galileo and Copernicus, and National ones, such as COSMO-SkyMed and Prisma, as well as providing operational and engineering support at the world's main space centres, such as the CNES’ Guiana Space Centre in Kourou (French Guiana), the Italian Space Agency's Broglio Space Centre in Malindi (Kenya), as well as the European Space Agency's ESOC (Darmstadt, Germany) and ESTEC (Noordwyk, The Netherlands), and EUMETSAT (Darmstadt, Germany).


Government & Institutional Customers

Public Administrations

Space Agencies

Firefighters and Civil Protections

International Organizations

Law Enforcement



  • Critical and emergency communications

  • State-of-the-art proprietary and third-party equipment

  • Value added services

  • Support services

Drone based solutions

  • Biological samples and biomedical products delivery

  • Remote area control

  • Surveillance services

  • Monitoring services

Geoinformation digital platforms

  • Cartography

  • Emergency management

  • Environment monitoring

  • Land Monitoring

  • Cultural heritage monitoring

Navigation & Positioning Services

  • High precision for SAR

  • High Continuity GNSS Services

  • Safe GNSS signal

Ground systems and operations

  • Space mission design

  • Mission ground segment

  • Ground systems development and evolution

  • Space operation preparation and execution

  • Support services at customer premises

  • Secure by design approach

Space Domain Awareness

  • Space Traffic Management (STM)

  • Space asset protection

  • In-Orbit Servicing (IOS)

Satellite Data

Telespazio, through e-GEOS and GAF, offers the best-in-class radar and optical satellite data from the major satellite constellations, including COSMO-SkyMed First and Second Generation.

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