Asset Management Tool


TT-COMSTM (Tool TCOMS) is a PLM web-based solution developed by Telespazio, which allows a simple and automated integration of information, data structures and processes related to the asset management.

Starting with the asset modeling through a “tree” structure, the implementation  of the processes to manage the documental, hardware and software components through TT-COMSTM guarantee the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency during the whole PLC.

The definition of the logistic data structures is automatically implemented once identified the standard to be applied. The planning, the identification and the control  of changes are automatically tracked and mapped on the project organization.

One single TT-COMSTM license supports the simultaneous management of different projects/assets, also operated by different organizations.

This highly competitive Asset Management solution, composed of the entire set of processes and manuals, is included into the Telespazio product catalogue.