Quality & Safety

Quality Management

Quality for Telespazio is a strategic commitment finalized to the continuous improvement of the Company, to guarantee the Customer satisfaction as well as the competitive advantage in its reference markets. The Quality is integral part of any working activities and aggregating asset for all Telespazio Management Systems.

Safety Management

Telespazio is ANSP (Air Navigation Service Provider), offering Safety Critical aeronautic services for the navigation, the communications and the surveillance through its own Safety Management System, certified by the competent Authority and integrated in the Quality Management System.

Asset Management

Telespazio applyes an own Asset Management standard called TCOMS. It is based on the main Aerospace and Defense normative and it is integrated into the Telespazio Quality Management System. Through a dedicated platform, TCOMS is implanted in automatic, independent and integrated manner.

Management Systems Certifications

Telespazio holds various Certifications/Qualifications ot its Management Systems from external accredited Agencies. They represent competitive advantages strategic asset as well as guarantee towards our Customers.

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