Quality Management System


The whole Management System of Telespazio coincides with its own Quality Management System. It is based on both ISO 9001  standard and CMMI model and integrates further Aerospace and Defense specialist industrial and regulatory  standards.

Furthermore, the TQMS (Telespazio Quality Management System) integrates, through its Processes Business Model, the Quality, Environment, Health, workers Safety and Security as well as aeronautic Safety requirements. Therefore, it provides to the Customers  the best guarantees for an unique corporate commitment, effective and focused on the results, to satisfy their needs and create competitive advantage to produce high-quality and compliant assets as well as relationships based on mutual trust.

The TQMS meets the requirements of the main ISO, BSI, ECSS, NATO, MIL and ANSI standards, as well as of CMMI model.

From these are derived internal standards dedicated to Quality Assurance of product and production (TPAS) and to configuration management (TCOMS), which complete the set of quality guarantees that Telespazio offers to its Customers, in addition to its Management Systems certifications.

Finally, the Quality branding has the objective to facilitate the communications towards the market, describe the internal standards and to set-up a common language with the Customers.