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Telespazio is based in Rome and has space centers in Fucino (Abruzzo), Lario (Lombardy) and Scanzano (Sicily).

In Italy, Telespazio relies on e-GEOS, a joint venture with the Italian Space Agency, based in Rome and at the Matera Space Center (Basilicata).


A team of more than 150 employees from 24 countries with an average age of 34. We are based in Transinne.


We are in Toulouse, Bordeaux, Paris and Kourou (French Guiana). We also have an office in Libreville Nkok, through our Earthlab Gabon Centre.


Telespazio Germany has its headquarters in Darmstadt and a subsidiary in Gilching. Spaceopal and GAF are based in Munich.

United Kingdom

Telespazio UK is a dynamic and experienced consulting, technology and engineering services business headquartered in Luton, UK.


A highly qualified multidisciplinary team with more than 130 professionals distributed between our two offices in Madrid and Barcelona.


Telespazio Brasil is a leading provider of satellite services on the Brazilian market, present in the country since 1997.


The company is headquartered in Buenos Aires.


Based in Bucharest and specialising in satellite services and applications, RARTEL S.A. provides the Romanian and international corporate and institutional markets with the Telespazio Group's entire portfolio of products and services.