Our Managers

Jean-Marc Gardin*
Deputy Ceo / International Governance 
Giuseppe Aridon*
Strategic and Corporate Development
Giuseppe Aurilio*
Chief Financial Officer 
Giuseppe Lenzo*
Marketing and Sales 
Cristina Sgubin*
Secretary General 
Gabriele Pieralli* a.i.
External and Institutional Relations
Maurizio Betta*
Human Resources and Organisation 
Marco Brancati*
Reasearch, Digital & Innovation 
Claudio Zottola
Luca Cicali*
Performance, Risk and Efficiency Improvement
Paolo Minciacchi*
LoB Geo Information / CEO e-GEOS
Alessandro Caranci*
LoB Satellite Communications
Alessandra Farese*
LoB Satellite System & Operations / Industrial Assets & Teleport Services
Marco Folino
CEO Spaceopal
Francesco Quintano *
Business Growth

*Executive Committee Members