Suppliers Portal

Suppliers that wish to be candidates for becoming suppliers of Telespazio S.p.A. must access the Qualification System, answer the relevant questionnaires, and enter the data required.

The System, managed centrally by LGS for all Companies in the Leonardo Group, guarantees the utmost confidentiality and support with any difficulties when completing the forms.

Supplier Qualification Process

  • Self-registration: this makes you one of our Potential Suppliers, that is, Suppliers that may be invited to take part in negotiation processes with Telespazio. Once the self-registration form has been completed, the Potential Supplier will be asked to complete specific questionnaires for the goods categories covered by their candidacy. Updating of these may be requested from time to time.
  • Pre-qualification: becoming a pre-qualified supplier is an essential condition for taking part in negotiating processes with Telespazio. This procedure involves evaluating the ethical/legal and economic/financial requirements.
  • Qualification: being a qualified supplier is an essential condition for signing a contract or having a purchase order issued to your Company by Telespazio. During this process, the Supplier’s meeting of the technical/organisational requirements is assessed.
  • Self-registration does not guarantee business ties with Telespazio S.p.A., but merely represents a channel that can be used to become a Potential Supplier.

  • Candidacies for non-priority goods areas will only be analysed when Telespazio has an actual need, based on the number of suppliers already included in the List of Suppliers, or due to specific business requirements.

  • The Self-registration questionnaires must be completed fully and exhaustively. If any of the information requested is left out, this may result in being excluded from the List of Potential Suppliers for that category.