Space Centres & Teleports

Telespazio ranks among the world's leading satellite services operators. The company relies on a domestic and international network of Space Centers and Teleports, the most important being the Fucino Space Centre in the Abruzzo region (Italy). Telespazio also operates in Italy through its Lario, Matera and Scanzano Space Centres.

The company runs its own teleports in Brazil, Argentina and Romania.

Furthermore, Telespazio is present within the Italian Defense Centres of Pratica di Mare and Vigna di Valle (Rome). In Malargüe, Argentina, it manages ESA's Deep Space 3 station.

Telespazio supports the French Defense Centres of Creil and Maisons-Laffitte, and in Malindi, Kenya, supports the Italian Space Agency's Broglio Space Centre.

The company is also present at the Kourou Space Centre in French Guyana.

Cheia Space Centre

Built in 1977 in Cheia, Romania, the Space Teleport occupies an area of 20,000 square metres and houses 12 antennas. It is the largest teleport in Eastern Europe and provides satellites communication and in-orbit control services. 

Rio de Janeiro Teleports

Telespazio has two teleports in the centre of Rio de Janerio known as RB1 and BT7. 

The two teleports offer satellite telecommunications, backhaul, monitoring and Control services in different markets as well as services in the area of geoinformation for data distrubution to end users.


Located about 60 km from Rio de Janeiro, since 1997 the teleport has offered telecommunications, hosting and housing services and has major connections to the global network. 

Maricá Teleport

Strategically located near Rio de Janeiro, the Maricà Teleport covers an area of 150,000 square metres and is capable of hosting satellite ground stations, LEO and GEO infrastructure and Earth observation, guaranteeing the highest level of availability and security. 

The Teleport also hosts the OneWeb gateway, which occupies an area of 50,000 square metres and is currently operational with 15 antennas providing telecommunication services throughout Latin America.

Benevidez Teleport

Installed at the ARSAT (Empresa Argentina de Soluciones Satelitales) facilities in Benevidez, it offers satellite telecommunications services to private and institutional customers. 

Our Space Centres in the world

Fucino Space Centre

Via Cintarella, Piana del Fucino,

67050 Ortucchio (AQ), Italy

Lario Space Centre

S.S. 340 dir N° 2 I

22010 Gera Lario (CO), Italy

Matera Space Centre

Località Terlecchia

Matera, Italy

Scanzano Space Centre

SP. Piana degli Albanesi km 39.5 90037

Palermo, Italy

Cheia Space Centre

Statia de Sol Cheia, Judetul Prahova, Romania 

+40 21 3196804

Teleports in Brazil

In Brazil, Telespazio operates four different teleports: two in Rio de Janerio (RB1 and BT7), one in Itaboraí, dedicated to satellite telecommunications. The fourth, at Maricá, is dedicated to OneWeb services.

+5521 2141-3123

Benavidez Teleport

Av. Gral. Juan Domingo Perón 7934, Benavidez, Provincia de Buenos Aires 

+54 11 4852 8700

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