Product Assurance Standard

Telespazio applies its own Product & Production Quality Assurance Standard based on the main Aerospace and Defense regulations, named TPAS (Telespazio Quality Assurance Standard).

The TPAS is integrated into the Quality Management System and represents the internal quality assurance standard of the developed software and the correct application of production processes for the implementation and delivery of products/services, according to the internal Quality Policy, the customer requirements and those of the rules, regulations and applicable laws.

The TPAS organization is deployed at the production sites of both Telespazio and Customers and performs, depending on the stage of production concerned, the tasks of processes control, verification and validation testing, RAMS assurance (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety), software verification through code inspection, planning, execution and reporting of audits,  management of non-conformities and software problems and data collection for the preparation of metrics and statistics.

The TPAS also includes the tailoring standards for the reference standards used in the field of Aerospace and Defence, such as AQAP and ECSS, providing transparency of the methodologies applied by Telespazio to its production processes, in line with the typical expectations of Customers regarding quality and compliance.