#T-TeC - Telespazio Technology Contest is the Telespazio and Leonardo’s Open Innovation initiative aimed at promoting development and technological innovation within the space sector among the young generations, enhancing the value of their ideas and insights and imagining together with them the technologies that will mark the future.

First created in 2019, in its five editions the #T-TeC has seen the participation of more than 370 students from all over the world, who have shared with us more than 100 ideas and projects in space sector. 

Working in partnership with space agencies, research centres and universities, the #T-TeC offers students and researchers the chance to showcase their skills and see their ideas and insights realised through cash prizes and support to create a real start-up! 

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+ 370


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+ 100

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#T-TeC 2023

Discover the fifth edition of #T-TeC,
the Telespazio Technology Contest,
the Leonardo and Telespazio
Open Innovation contest open to students,
university researchers in STEM subjects
from all over the world.

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Previous editions

#T-TeC 2022
On 24 January 2023, during the 15th European Space Conference in Brussels, the winners of the fourth edition of the #T-TeC - Telespazio Technology Contest, were awarded.
#T-TeC 2021
The winners of #T-TeC 2021, the third edition of Leonardo's and Telespazio's Open Innovation Contest, have been announced at the Italian Pavilion of Expo Dubai 2020 on 16 December, the first Italian "National Space Day".
#T-TeC 2020
On 15 December 2020, during a virtual awards ceremony, we announced the winners and special mention projects of the second edition of the #T-Tec - Telespazio Technology Contest!
#T-TeC 2019
On 18th November 2019 prizes were awarded to the winners of the first edition of #T-TeC during a ceremony helded at the headquarters of the Italian Space Agency, in Rome, Italy.

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