Innovation Labs

Telespazio supports the product and service innovation process through collaborations with research centres, universities and SMEs at the national and international level.

In particular, Telespazio takes part in the Competence Centre Cyber 4.0, one of the 8 centres approved by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development (MiSE) in a context broader than 4.0 industry.

The latter focuses on “Cyber Security” in three main applicative domains: Space, Automotive and e-Health. It is co-ordinated by the “La Sapienza” University of Rome and envisages the involvement of public institutions (all the Universities of the Region of Lazio, the University of L’Aquila, CNR, ISS and INAIL) and of 37 private organisations, including Telespazio and Leonardo.

This consortium will become a legal entity in the form of a Public Private Partnership and will engage in research, innovation and training. It will also perform R&D projects and will develop services for SMEs.

Telespazio has also activated, through e-GEOS several laboratories dealing with the following subjects:

  • Data Cube development and implementation (partner: GEOSCIENCE Australia)
  • Joint design of Integrated Interferometric Products for IDI (Inherent Defect Insurance) (partner: Vastitude - China)
  • Evolution of Emergency Services (flood modeling) and new contents for Urban areas (heatwaves) and Copernicus Services (partner: La Sapienza University DICEA - Italy)
  • Big Data Analytics (National Observatory) on Social Media (partner: POLIMI -Italy)
  • Integration and development of the Data Cube technology within the context of Geo-Information platforms and services for a solution based on data access and on the automation of data preparation and information extraction processes (partner: MEEO S.r.l)
  • Integration of advanced methodologies for the search and analysis of heterogeneous data, documents and objects for the purpose of simplifying the interaction between the users and data/operative systems and workflows (Facility Live - Italy)
  • Project SYNAPSE (SYstem autoNomy & imAge ProceSsing by lEarning) (partner: Technological Research Institute Saint Exupery - France)
  • Specialised in DataMining and AIS data (partner: Research Laboratory of the French Navy - France)