Telespazio's Lario space Centre, active since 1977, is located north of Lake Como, near the municipality of Gera Lario. It covers a total area of 80,000 square meters, of which 5,000 are indoors. More than 60 antennas operational in the Centre manage satellite transmission and reception services.

Some of the first activities of the Lario Space Centre include Ku-band propagation experiments (using the Italian satellite Sirio 1) and the development of analogue telephony and television links with North and South America as well as with countries in the Middle and Far East, using Intelsat satellites.


In 2024, the World Teleport Association (WTA) ranked the Lario Space Centre as a Tier 4 teleport, the highest ranking for the quality and reliability of facilities. The Lario Space Centre offers highly specialised services dedicated in particular to the TV and radio broadcasting market .

The Master Control Room, active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, deals with the management of permanent and occasional televisionservices. It guarantees the access service for customers' fixed and mobile uplink stations to the space segments in coordination with the broadcasters, both national (including Rai and Sky Italia) and international (Sky Deutschland, Al Jazeera, etc.).

The Centre also guarantees reception and hosting services for international OTT (Over The Top) operators.

The Lario Centre is connected to the Milano Caldera PoP through dedicated high-capacity fibre optic circuits. The Master Control Room has the capability to receive and manage television signals delivered through terrestrial networks using point-to-point optic fibre links or through FEC (forward error correction)  IP transport solutions (including SRT and Zixi) or through "light" solutions, such as backpacks, Ka-band systems and mobile phones, thanks to the availability of WMT Playout equipment installed at the Centre.

The Centre can also provide television channels playout services through a redundant and state-of-the-art playout system able to manage standard definition, HD up to 4K contents.

Finally, the Lario Space Centre oversees telecommunications networks for both companies and institutional bodies, providing additional customer support services. The service encompasses terrestrial connectivity, including the allocation of public IP addresses and ensuring high levels of security.

Lario is a Space Centre actively involved in the satellite in-orbit control and in the acquisition of data from space sectors, operating as a ground station for third generation Meteosat satellites. These satellites are tasked with providing accurate weather forecasts to Europe and the entire international community, monitoring climate, air quality and lightning localisation through advanced applications, ensuring the prediction, even in the short term, of rapid and potentially damaging weather phenomena.


The morphology of the territory where the Lario Space Centre is located, characterised by mountains exceeding two thousand metres in height, offers excellent protection from terrestrial interference, which is common in open areas.

The Centre benefits from a wide visibility of satellites in geostationary orbit positioned between 78° East and 55° West.

Hosting services

To ensure highly reliable services, the Lario Space Centre is equipped with highly sophisticated and advanced power and air conditioning systems. 

These systems, along with the security measures already in place, have facilitated the development of hosting services for customer systems and equipment. These services include the supply of energy, environmental conditioning and fire-fighting systems.

Additionally, the Centre offers specialised support provided by Telespazio engineers for maintenance activities and plant management.