Telespazio's Scanzano space Centre, whose operations were launched in 1989, is located near the artificial lake of the same name, about 47 kilometres away from Palermo.

The Scanzano Space Centre covers an area of 65,000 square metres.

The centre, whose circular horizon guarantees wide visibility of the Geo and Leo circular orbits, with a minimum elevation of 6°, can count on 28 operating antennas of small, medium and large diameter.

The location of the site also ensures excellent natural protection against electromagnetic interference.

Scanzano is situated at the centre of the Mediterranean, in a privileged geographical area that facilitates management of communication services from Africa to the Far East.

To this end, the centre is connected to the Pop in Palermo via two optical fibre links.

The Scanzano Space Centre manages installations and services for satellite links in the
telecommunications, satellite navigation and remote sensing sectors.

Since 2019, the centre has hosted one of the gateways of the OneWeb satellite constellation, with 14 antennas dedicated to telecommunications services.