Telespazio awarded by EDA the EU SatCom Market Framework Contract

15 February 2024 12:00

Telespazio, a joint venture between Leonardo (67%) and Thales (33%), has been awarded, through its subsidiary Telespazio France, the EU SatCom Market Framework Contract by European Defence Agency (EDA).  

This milestone agreement aims to furnish European Member States, EU entities, and actors within the EU Common Security and Defence Policy with indispensable satellite communication services that are not only commercially accessible but also paramount in terms of criticality, resilience, and security.
This pivotal contract spans a duration of four years and boasts a substantial value, amounting to several tens of millions of Euros. Telespazio's unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation underscores its capability to meet the evolving needs of Europe's defence and security landscape.

The “EU SatCom Market” Framework contract will allow all members to centralize their satellite communications demand and obtain coordinated, more economical, and effective access to these services. 

Within the contract, Telespazio will provide end-to-end satellite communication in several frequency bands as well as terminals for all commercial and military bands. The project is open to all EDA participating Member States, EU entities, EU CSDP civilian and military missions and operations and third states having an administrative arrangement with EDA. This inclusive approach underscores the project's commitment to fostering collaboration and partnership across diverse stakeholders, ensuring widespread access to critical satellite communication resources.

“We are very proud of the contract awarded by the EDA to Telespazio France. With this contract the Telespazio group confirms and strengthens its positioning as main player of space technologies and services to support EU Member states and European institutions. Since its foundation, Telespazio has been a reliable partner of institutional across Europe, ensuring the management of space assets and the management of related services”, said Alessandro Caranci, SVP Satellite Communications at Telespazio.