Satellite images for monitoring the waste abandonment and for identifying the new built-up areas

Rome   28 August 2019

A pilot project is underway, arised from the collaboration between Ama S.p.A., e-GEOS and the Italian Space Agency, for the acquisition and analysis of images from optical satellites and from the radar satellites of the COSMO-SkyMed constellation over the city of Rome.

Ama will use the sophisticated technology to extract information based on satellite images for monitoring the phenomena of waste abandonment and the identification of built-up areas with potential TA.Ri evasion, for the first time with a frequency of acquisition on a weekly basis.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed today by the President of Ama SpA, Luisa Melara, and by the COO of e-GEOS, Bruno Versini on behalf of the CEO of e-GEOS and Head of Geo Information of the LEONARDO Group, Massimo Claudio Comparini . The experimental and free agreement will last for 4 months (1st  September – 31st  December 2019).

The objective of the collaboration is the use of sequences of data from satellites in order to contribute to the analysis and control, in sensitive areas, of the phenomena of indiscriminate abandonment of waste on public land. Satellite technology will also be tested to identify evasion phenomena related to built-up areas variations, not registered, on the territory.