Leonardo Innovation Award: e-GEOS wins in Incremental Innovation category

Genova   02 December 2019

e-GEOS, a company set up by Telespazio and the Italian Space Agency, won the Leonardo 2019 Innovation Award in the Incremental Innovation category. The proposal “Enhanced Flood Footprint - (EFF), new generation flood mapping services”, was presented by Vincenzo Scotti (team leader), Domenico Grandoni, Lucia Luzietti, Federica Mastracci, Marco Corsi, Mariano Biscardi, Claudio Mammone and Sara Barozzi.

Enhanced Flood Footprint (EFF) represents a new generation of flood mapping products, obtained through synergic use of satellite data, hydraulic models and external sources such as social media to produce flooding maps with very high accuracy, especially in urban areas.

The new frontiers of technology have been at the centre of Leonardo’s 2019 Innovation Award which was held in Genoa.

The initiative, now in its fifteenth edition, has become, over time, a significant moment of reflection and discussion for researchers, academics and university students. This year has focused on the relationship between new technologies and the Digital Revolution. A fundamental theme for Leonardo, which is committed to the development of high-tech products through its significant investments in research and development, equal to 12% of the company’s annual revenues, and highly specialised workforce.

The event was attended, by the President of the Liguria Region, Giovanni Toti, the Mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci along with the Company’s top management. It offered the opportunity to analyse, under various point of views, the characteristics of new technologies and their impact on the social and ethical sphere of the contemporary world.