Telespazio and Iridium Partner to boost Aero & IoT markets

21 March 2022 15:00

  • Telespazio has signed a Value Added Reseller (VAR) Agreement with Iridium Communications Inc

  • The new agreement will introduce new capabilities to Telespazio’s service portfolio with a specific focus on the UAV segment

Telespazio – a joint venture between Leonardo (67%) and Thales (33%) – has signed a VAR “Value Added Reseller” Agreement with Iridium Communications Inc. to offer Iridium Certus® Aero and IoT services on board UAV/Drones/Small aircrafts/Helicopters and for IoT applications.

Telespazio has been appointed by Iridium as an official distributor of Iridium Certus Aero and IoT products and services. This Agreement further strengthens the long-standing cooperation between Telespazio and Iridium and will introduce new capabilities to Telespazio’s service portfolio.  These capabilities will help to remove connectivity barriers faced by terrestrial IoT and aero markets with a specific focus on the UAV segment, one of Telespazio’s areas of expertise.

With these capabilities Telespazio will enable a whole new paradigm for the IoT and Aero markets by granting connectivity in any working scenario.

We are delighted to have strengthened our partnership with Iridium for the Iridium Certus Aero and IoT services delivery. Leveraging on our service portfolio, we’re targeting to improve and expand our effectiveness in Aero and IoT market with a particular focus on communications for drone/UAV,” said Alessandro Caranci, Head of Satellite Communications at Telespazio.

“Telespazio’s expertise and technical capabilities make them an ideal partner for Iridium, particularly when it comes to the growing market demand for UAVs and drones operating beyond line of sight,” said Bryan Hartin, Executive Vice President, Iridium. “By integrating our Iridium Certus 100 service with their existing portfolio of solutions, Telespazio is empowering their customers to take advantage of the world’s only network proven to enable operations to and from anywhere on the planet.