Telespazio obtains authorisation from ENAC as a drone operator for BVLOS flight scenarios

15 March 2024 11:30

  • The company will be able to expand its infrastructure monitoring and drone delivery services

  • The milestone was reached thanks to the use of the proprietary T-DROMES platform for the management of drone fleets

The Italian National Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) has granted Telespazio, a joint venture between Leonardo (67%) and Thales (33%), the generic PDRA (Pre-Defined Risk Assessment) authorisation as a drone operator in a Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) scenario, i.e. a flight mode in which the pilot has no visual contact with the vehicle.

The goal, which will allow the company to enrich its geo-information services through remotely piloted aircraft, was achieved thanks to the use of the proprietary T-DROMES® platform, created by Telespazio for the management of end-to-end services with drones. Among other features, this platform can also be used to assess risks on the ground and in flight.

Obtaining the authorisation is a key pillar for the expansion of Telespazio's services in the areas of infrastructure monitoring, environmental protection and smart farming. In addition, it will contribute to the development of the biomedical drone delivery sector, which is strategic in the context of the European #U-ELCOME project.

Lastly, the authorisation represents an advanced solution for BVLOS operations, because the company will be able to extend the distances it can cover and offer a greater number of possible operational scenarios. Telespazio will further expand the operation of unmanned aircraft over even greater distances, with the use of the Telespazio AIR 100 BOX, which allows satellite communications to be used for vehicle control by applying cutting-edge technology.

I would like to thank ENAC for the authorisation granted to Telespazio, which represents a real qualitative leap for the services offered by our company in the field of geo-information services with the use of drones. This authorisation will significantly reduce the time required to obtain approvals for flight missions and shifts the company into a new dimension, in which it can fully act as a drone operator also offering integrated solutions, relying on the portfolio of satellite communication products,” said Paolo Minciacchi, SVP of Telespazio's Geo Information Line of Business.

Aermatica-3D contributed to the achievement of this important certification by supporting Telespazio with the innovative FTS that is compliant with specific EASA requirements. The FTS guarantees safety in the areas adjacent to operations in which people are assembled, thus expanding the operational capacity of flight missions.