e-GEOS and INGV together for the environment

08 November 2022 12:00

The Chairman of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), Carlo Doglioni, and Paolo Minciacchi, CEO of e-GEOS, a joint venture between Telespazio (80%) and the Italian Space Agency (20%), have signed a Letter of Intent to launch a collaboration on environmental monitoring issues and to share their respective technologies for the benefit of Italy and the Planet as a whole.

The collaboration will focus particularly on the study of the atmosphere, hydrogeological instability and specific topics where technological innovation and space technology are key to meeting application and service needs.

The aim of the agreement is to develop products based on radar, optical, hyperspectral and multi-spectral data from satellites, aircraft and drones, but also based on the integrated use of data from permanent GNSS networks across Italy and on in-situ sensors.

A permanent round table will also be set up, consisting of representatives from both sides, tasked with identifying, prompting, evaluating and coordinating the areas to be developed and with regularly launching research and training initiatives on topics of interest in strategic sectors.

“The exchange of knowledge and data and the joint participation in Italian and European tenders and projects will strengthen our mutual innovation capacities”, stated Cecilia Sciarretta, Head of R&D and Technology for Sustainability at e-GEOS. “Pooling the technological excellence of e-GEOS and INGV will certainly bring technological advancements to environmental services.”

“Nowadays, satellite observations are a key factor for studying the Earth,” added the Chairman of INGV, Carlo Doglioni. “INGV has long been involved in important partnerships with Italian and international bodies, and this new agreement with e-GEOS brings considerable added value to the development of technological innovation and space technology. These are areas which INGV contributes to also through COS, the Centre for Earth Observation from Space, devoted to research and surveillance in the Space field and coordinated by Fabrizia Buongiorno, Chairman of e-GEOS.”

Over time, INGV and e-GEOS have established a close partnership rooted in shared projects, starting with the definition and implementation of Emergency services during the first phase of the EU-Copernicus system, and then furthered by the recent development of algorithms and products supporting the new Earth observation missions of the Italian Space Agency.