COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation (CSG): contract signed for continuation of the activities

Rome  30 July 2015 15:59

Thales Alenia Space - in its capacity as agent of the temporary grouping of companies with Finmeccanica-Telespazio – has announced having signed an addendum to the contract for the COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation (CSG) program with the Italian Space Agency (ASI). The total value of the additional portion is around 182 million Euros and it will serve to continue the Project's activities. In detail, the value of Thales Alenia Space Italia’s amount is 154 million Euros and the amount for Telespazio’s activities is 28 million Euros.

In the CSG program, Thales Alenia Space Italia is the company in charge of the entire System and of building the two satellites comprising it, while Telespazio is responsible for developing the ground segment and for the integrated logistics of the operations.

In particular, this signature initiates activation of Phase C4/D1 of the program, i.e. the activities necessary to complete the detailed design of the entire system and construction of the on-board component and of the related ground infrastructures (ground segment, operations and logistics). The space component of the System is composed of 2 satellites at the forefront of technology and performance and the current contract stipulates the completion of the first satellite and the integral development of the ground segment in particular. The procurement of the materials necessary for the subsequent construction of the second satellite of the System will also be completed.

To guarantee the continuity of the services provided by the COSMO-SkyMed First Generation constellation, currently at the height of its operations, it is essential that the first satellite of Second Generation be in orbit and operational in the first half of 2018 and the second satellite by the first half of 2019. To achieve this important goal, it is a priority and indispensable that the phase formalized today and the economic coverage arranged up to now be followed by the final completion of the financing of the entire System by early 2016.

“We truly feel great satisfaction – commented Donato Amoroso, CEO of Thales Alenia Space Italia – for having achieved this result, which is fruit of the strong and constant commitment of all parties involved, beginning from the Italian Space Agency and from its President, Roberto Battiston, but also of the Government and the two Ministries, Defence and MIUR, partners of the project. Indeed, COSMO-SkyMed represents the unique national Earth Observation Space System of its kind and the flagship of Italian radar technology worldwide”.

The development of COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation will guarantee a true generational leap in terms of technology, performance and operational life of the system and, consequently, Italian leadership in the Earth Observation sector will be strengthened worldwide. International partnerships of strategic and priority interest, like those already in place with France and Poland, will also be expanded.



COSMO-SkyMed funded by ASI, the Italian Ministry of Defence and the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Scientific Research, is the first earth satellite observation system designed for dual purposes, i.e. civil and military. Its four identical satellites ‘watch’ our planet from space day and night under all atmospheric conditions, thanks to high resolution X-band radar. The program was produced completely by the main industries of the aerospace sector, co-operated by a significant number of  small and medium-sized companies. Thales Alenia Space Italia is the company prime contractor, responsible for the entire system, including the ground and space segment. Telespazio built the entire ground segment, and the Fucino Space Center houses the Control Center of the Constellation


Thales Alenia Space, a joint venture between Thales (67%) and Finmeccanica (33%), is a key European player in space telecommunications, navigation, Earth observation, exploration and orbital infrastructures. Thales Alenia Space and Telespazio form the two parent companies' “Space Alliance”, which offers a complete range of services and solutions. Because of its unrivaled expertise in dual (civil/military) missions, constellations, flexible payloads, altimetry, meteorology and high-resolution optical and radar instruments, Thales Alenia Space is the natural partner to countries that want to expand their space program. The company posted consolidated revenues in excess of 2 billion Euros in 2014, and has 7,500 employees in eight countries.


Telespazio is one of the world’s leading players in space services: from the design and development of space systems to the management of launch services and in-orbit satellite control, from Earth observation services, integrated communications, satellite navigation and localization, to scientific programs. Telespazio is a key player in the reference markets, leveraging the technological expertise gained in over 50 years of activity, its infrastructures and its participation in major space programs, like Galileo, EGNOS, Copernicus and COSMO-SkyMed. Telespazio is a joint venture between Finmeccanica (67%) and Thales (33%). In 2014, it generated a turnover of 658 million Euros and can count on 2500 employees worldwide.