Finmeccanica-Telespazio broadband satellite communications for Naval Units of the Guardia Di Finanza

Taranto  16 September 2015 15:34

  • The company has implemented a broadband satellite network on 18 naval units of the Force
  • This strengthens Telespazio's presence in the field of maritime satellite services to police forces


Finmeccanica-Telespazio has installed and tested the new satellite network of the Guardia di Finanza aboard 18 ships of the Force's high seas fleet.

The contract with the Guardia di Finanza, signed as a result of winning a European tender procedure, provides the main ships with several facilities to support investigations and police activities at sea.

The activity involved the installation of a dual antenna for satellite broadband communications, and supplements the previous implementation of the satellite network on board the two new multi-role patrol boats of the Guardia di Finanza. Thanks to this new configuration, the Force's naval units will have access to a broadband channel that will provide the involved units with tactical and strategic services so far available only in HF, VHF or by narrow band satellite phone. The main services available on board include intranet and Internet, videoconferencing and VoIP, as well as the use of the C4i command and control system used by the Naval Air Force, including sending real-time images and video to the relevant Operations Room.

With a long track record in the telecommunications sector and a portfolio of technologically advanced products and services, Telespazio offers its clients secure, reliable and globally available solutions. The company manages communications networks that integrate satellite and terrestrial solutions to effectively respond to the needs of businesses and institutions.

With this latest contract, Telespazio consolidates its presence in the supply of maritime satellite services to police forces.