Telespazio celebrates the Lario Space Centre's 40 years in operation

Gera Lario  08 March 2017 15:55

Telespazio's Lario Space Centre, a joint venture between Leonardo (67%) and Thales (33%), celebrates 40 years in operation on March 10th, in a ceremony that will revisit the main stages in the history of the Lombard teleport, which is located at the far north end of lake Como.

The event, attended by Luigi Pasquali, Director of Leonardo's space sector and CEO of Telespazio, will also include the inauguration of an exhibition dedicated to the first four decades of Lario: from the first telephone call to the United States, using an antenna 32 metres in diameter, to the Ku-bandpropagation experiments with the first Italian telecommunications satellite, Sirio 1, launched in '77; from the launch of digital technology in the 80s, used to broadcast television signals, to development in the 90s of mobile communications for location and messaging; all the way to the emergence of broadband communications systems, in the 2000s.

Today the Lario Space Centre, with 60 operational antennas and an area of 80,000 square metres, of which 5,000 are covered, is a technological centre of excellence, providing highly specialized services to major national and international television operators and guaranteeing 24/7/365 satellite links.

Lario manages telecommunications services for institutional and commercial users, as well as customer care for mobile information links with European coverage, and navigation and messaging with global coverage. Finally, in the areas of in-orbit satellite control and in the acquisition of data from space, Lario is engaged as ground station for second and third generation Meteosat satellites.