Job Quality

We have always believed that ensuring individual safety and environmental protection both is a commitment and a moral responsibility toward ourselves, the company and the external community.

Achieving high standards of health and safety for all employees, partners and suppliers is a top priority. Preventing accidents and occupational diseases is a real commitment.

Environmental protection is a priority to be pursued with determination, controls, and the mitigation of risks related to environmental aspects, as well as by assessing impact based on context and stakeholder expectations.

Our mission is to continuously raise our standards by applying a sustainable policy, in compliance both with legal requirements and with obligations arising from voluntary commitments, while assiduously pursuing set goals and targets.

Our policy has been devised to benefit everyone - employees, partners and visitors.

As a company, we provide the necessary resources to ensure the proper operation of the HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) Management System, certified under the ISO 14001 and 45001 standards, encouraging the involvement and awareness of every stakeholder. Appropriate information and training are delivered to all staff, so as to achieve set goals, maintain first-rate working conditions, and promote a culture of health, safety and environmental protection.

Our policy is constantly monitored and verified through a process of continuous improvement, and is updated at least once a year. In this way, we ensure effective monitoring of the activities carried out and pay the utmost attention to risk mitigation through a continuous, concerted endeavour in which we are all called upon to participate.