Sustainable Supply Chain

Telespazio contributes to the development of advanced technologies, facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experience, and promotes the effective use of resources and skills, mainly by taking part in sector initiatives, as well as including small and medium enterprises in each Country in which Telespazio operates.

What Telespazio asks of its suppliers:

  • To ensure the quality of the supplies, without defects or parts that are second hand, counterfeit, or copied, or that contain minerals that come from war zones.

  • To respect environmental norms and actively commit to safeguarding the environment.

  • To deal with the Company’s know-how and information, and personal information in a confidential manner.

  • To guarantee safeguarding of the health and safety of workers.

  • To abide by the laws and norms on corruption, and Leonardo’s Code of Ethics and Anti-corruption Code.

  • To abstain from ties with organisations associated with human trafficking, exploitation of child labour, and forced work.

  • To respect the laws and norms on Trade Compliance.

  • To promote the dignity, freedom, and equality of all workers.

  • To report founded or potential ethical questions, using the whistle blowing system.