Register your company

Companies that wish to become candidates for Telespazio S.p.A.’s supplier qualification system, must complete the fields required in the sections of the electronic form, by entering their Company’s registry details and informationEntering of true, accurate, current and complete information is required.

During the registration phase, the supplier will receive credentials (UserID and Password) for accessing the Portal in a profiled, secure manner. These credentials are strictly personal and must not be given to anyone else for any reason.

The process is broken down into two phases:


This involves entering:

  • Registry Data
  • Certifications held by your organisation (e.g. ISO 9001)
  • Goods Categories for which you are seeking to become suppliers. Telespazio’s Goods Categories are an integral part of the Leonardo Group's general Goods Tree, to which reference must be made during self-candidacy. To facilitate identification of the same, an (Excel) file is available that shows correspondence between Telespazio’s GCs and the Group’s ones.


If help is required for all buying services, suppliers can contact the dedicated help-desk service by sending an e-mail to the address: or by phoning the free call number +39 800 591122 or +390654641514 for calls from abroad.  This service is available from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00.