#2: “From Earth to the Moon....and beyond”

On 16 June, the second T-TALK was held. T-TALK is a series of live meetings on Telespazio's digital channels, dedicated to technological innovation and space.

This second event has been hosted by author and journalist Emilio Cozzi, whose guests has included the astrophysicist and university Professor Amedeo Balbi, journalist and debunker Paolo Attivissimo, engineer and architect Valentina Sumini and the Telespazio Moonlight LCNS Programme Manager, Koen Guerts.

The second T-TALK, entitled “From Earth to the Moon...and beyond”, has been dedicated to man’s exploration of space via the terrestrial satellite and - with an eye on the future - towards the ‘red planet’, Mars.

Emphasis has beenon the upcoming lunar missions and the possibility of developing a permanent, sustainable presence on the satellite, not only via the emergence of new habitation technologies but also via the creation of specific telecommunication and navigation services that are capable of facilitating a genuine Lunar Economy.

“From Earth to the Moon...and beyond” has been transmitted live on the company’s digital channels (Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube) from 19:00.

The T-TALKS are among the initiatives conceived by Telespazio to celebrate its 60 years in business. In fact, the company originated in 1961, just 4 years after the launch of Sputnik and only a few months after Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, made his orbital flight. Today Telespazio is a principle operator in the space services sector and looks to the future with the same pioneering spirit of the original adventurers, ready to face the next challenges in our exciting exploration of space.