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Terminals and Airtime
Integrated Solutions

Anytime anywhere in the world

A broad range of market communication solutions for maritime and off shore market to support day-to-day business operations for oil and gas, shipping and tanker companies, cruise lines, ferries, yachts and fishing vessels.

Our satellite communication solutions ranging from regional, multi-regional and global Ku-band, C-band, Ka-band and global on-demand MSS services.

We are able to offer, design, integrate and implement a unique portfolio of broadband communications, hybrid networks and digital solutions.

Simply no Rival

  • Connectivity services, to extend broadband offshore for maritime market
  • Backhaul connectivity services to allow the remote extension of telecommunications networks operators
  • Voice over IP Services to allow telephone calls to all numbers of the public network anywhere in the world
  • Public internet access services while ensuring safety and comfort for passengers and crew

Partnerships with some of the world's leading marine equipment manufacturers able to guarantee new products, expertise and infrastructure, in order to have access to the most reliable and cost effective solutions on the market. Our engineers tailor solutions and support services including system integration and global maintenance.

Main Features

SeaOnNet Global and Regional

SeaOnNet Global Solution a broadband VSAT service for commercial vessels, which offers the most extensive Ku- Band coverage in the industry. SeaOnNet can provide ‘always-on’ connectivity which comprises of several teleports (Telespazio and Partner) supporting 16 beams.

SeaOnNet Multiregional/Regional Solution is a broadband VSAT service for all types of maritime market.

MSS maritime Terminals and Airtime

Thousands of vessels of all sizes and in all maritime sectors trust in MSS services for their operational communications such as email, phone and data applications.

LTE Solutions

Based on a flexible and modular platform, this solution manages different communication technologies, matching customer service requirements (e.g. QoS, data sensibility, priority, security, Internet/Intranet access, pricing, etc.).

Moreover the management of the integrated service in Bonding Net Balancer mode is offered.


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