Transmission facilities

Transmission facilities

Our transmission facilities for media provide everything that it’s necessary to deliver their content safely and effectively, from Uplink to disaster recovery. We can transport video and data over long distances to almost anywhere on earth.

Our teleport services are trusted by major international broadcasters. In 2018, our Fucino Space Center has obtained the Tier 4 full certification (Tier 4 represents the highest degree of excellence), granted by the WTA (World Teleport Association).

Main Features Section

Global Satellite Network

Through a network of satellites, we can provide worldwide distribution services. In addition to Italian and international DTH platforms on satellite and cable, we offer access to the IPTV, mobile and web TV platforms.

Main Technical Capabilities

Access to various Satellites- visible arc from 83ºE to 57ºW; Up/down link capability in C and Ku band (occasional and/ or permanent basis); Ka Band and L band, from fixed to mobile satellite solutions for reporters and live content delivery; Direct Terrestrial Connectivity via redundant Fiber to international POPs; Highly reliable power, with redundant generators.

Hybrid Broadcast Broadband Tv (HBBTV)

Telespazio provides Hybrid Broadcast Broadband Tv services, improving video user experience by enabling innovative, interactive services. HBBTV compliant smart Tv can run multiple different applications for several purposes like acquisition of customer analytics, to send products offers, to order confirmations, free vouchers or coupons to mobile (via SMS) users. Telespazio digital platform HBBTV Carousel servers allow testing and development of applications that could be either loaded from URL or downloaded by satellite.


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