Digital Platform Services

Digital Platform Services

Telespazio provides the transmission of Television and Radio channels by means of digital platforms to allow broadcasters to make available its own Television and Radio contents in a wide area using various orbital positions. Digital Platform Services are operated mainly from Telespazio’s Fucino and Lario teleports, in Italy.

Main Features Section


The services are provided by facilities allowing the transmission of a single Customer’s TV or Radio service in a digital DVB/MPEG multiplex as a fraction of the full multiplex capacity. Transmissions are provided either Free-To-Air (FTA) and in Conditional Access (CA) mode.

Encoding & Conditional access services


Telespazio can provide encoding services of Digital Television and Radio programs. The encoding is performed with broadcast professional equipment suitable to feed multiplexers and ready for Direct To Home (DTH) distribution. Telespazio can provide Conditional Access services for TV channels that need control access to own contents and to authorize users by encrypting the transmitted programming.

Monitoring and control

All services provided by Telespazio to its customers are provided on a 24/7 basis and are monitored and controlled by technical and skilled shifts operating in dedicated Master Control Rooms, which operates according UNI EN ISO 9001 quality management systems standards. From Master Control Rooms, the shift checks the Service Level Agreements (SLA) accomplishment, provides constant programming monitoring, implements procedures to solve technical matter and provides customer care front end.


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