Space Programmes

Telespazio takes part in a large number of international, European and national space programmes in the Earth Observation, satellite navigation, secure telecommunications, space exploration, and meteorological sectors.

In the space programs in which it participates, Telespazio brings to bear the expertise and experience of all the businesses in which it operates.

Earth Observation

Telespazio participates in national programmes such as COSMO-SkyMED, OPTSAT and PRISMA, in European programmes such as Copernicus, and in EO programmes in the Defence field.

Satellite navigation and positioning

Telespazio plays a leading role in the two European satellite navigation programmes: Galileo and EGNOS.


Telespazio supports Italy and its allies with rapid and secure communication services through SICRAL and Athena-Fidus.

Exploration & Science

Telespazio leads one of the Moonlight consortia to support the ESA in designing a communication and navigation system for the Moon and are currently working on Space Rider, the reusable European spaceplane.