Telespazio's digital events dedicated to technological innovation and the future of the space sector.

From the exploration of the Moon to the issue of space sustainability, from the early days of Telespazio's foundation to the new generations of innovators. 

These are some of the topics addressed in the T-Talks, the digital events organised by Telespazio where journalists, influencers and experts discuss the major issues that will mark the space sector of the future. 

Broadcast live on the company's main digital channels, the T-Talks have featured journalists such as Letizia Davoli, Emilio Cozzi and Richard Hollingham as presenters, and guests such as Amedeo Balbi, Paolo Attivissimo, Patrizia Caraveo, Ettore Perozzi, Mauro Canali, Emanuele Menietti, Giovanni Caprara and others. 

T-Talk episodes

#1: What are satellites for?

Letizia Davoli
Luca Tremolada
Emanuele Menietti
Lucia Luzietti
#2: From the Earth to the Moon...and beyond

Emilio Cozzi
Paolo Attivissimo
Amedeo Balbi
Valentina Sumini
Koen Guerts
#3: Sustainability in Space

Letizia Davoli
Ettore Perozzi
Patrizia Caraveo
Francesca Letizia
Clelia Iacomino
#4: Space for the Future: 60 years of Telespazio

Luigi Pasquali, CEO of Telespazio
Letizia Davoli
Emilio Cozzi
Giovanni Caprara
Mauro Canali
#5: Innovators in Space

Richard Hollingham
Alessandro Lotti
Tomas Boschetto
David Gonzalez Olivejero
Stefano Beco
Alessia De Matteis

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