20 Years in Brasil

Telespazio celebrates 20 years of spatial activity in Brazil. The company has been present in the country since 1997, when it began supplying mobile satellite communication services through South America, and has accompanied the growth and development of the overall Brazilian space sector.

Over the years, as it established a local company based in Rio de Janeiro, Telespazio Brasil, with a widespread presence throughout the country, Telespazio has become one of Brazil’s leading providers in the satellite telecommunications sector.

The Company provides a wide range of cutting-edge solutions and innovative services to the corporate and institutional market in the communications, multimedia, and Earth observation sectors. It also dedicates engineering services, operations management, and maintenance of earth-based systems that control satellites in orbit.

Telespazio Brasil has contributed the success of the Brazilian SGDC (Satélite Geoestacionário de Defesa e Comunicações Estratégicas) programme that, in 2017, saw the launch of a satellite for dual use telecommunications.

Telespazio’s 20th anniversary in Brazil was celebrated at the Italian Embassy in Brasilia and was attended by the Italian Ambassador, Antonio Bernardini, who was joined by Leonardo Group’s Space Activities Coordinator and CEO of Telespazio, Luigi Pasquali, the President of Leonardo do Brazil, Placido De Maio, and the CEO of Telespazio Brasil, Marzio Laurenti.

On the occasion, the Embassy is playing host to the “Admiring and Supporting Brazil from Space” exhibition. Ten spectacular high-resolution satellite images are on display, making it possible to experience a real virtual flight over the country, highlighting its beauty and unique characteristics.