#T-TeC 2021

#T-TeC, Telespazio Technology Contest is the Leonardo and Telespazio’s Open Innovation initiative aimed at promoting development and technological innovation within the space sector among the young generations, enhancing the value of their ideas and insights and imagining together with them the technologies that will mark the future.

How it works


For this edition #T-TeC is open to participation by students and researchers from universities and departments worldwide, who will challenge each other on their innovative abilities until 14 November, the closing date for the contest.

After a several weeks spent assessing their submissions, a panel of judges made up of representatives from Telespazio, Leonardo, industry experts and leading space agencies will select three winning teams and four special mentions, to be announced in December on the stage of the Italy Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The 2021 edition of #T-TeC is closely linked to Expo Dubai, of which Leonardo is platinum sponsor, and is also taking place on the sixtieth anniversary of the foundation of Telespazio, a company that has made innovation its hallmark and that has always striven to discover the pioneers of the future, as much so today as on its establishment in 1961.

#T-TeC 2021 at Expo Dubai 2020
On October 19, during the Space Week of Expo Dubai 2020, Telespazio and Leonardo presented #T-TeC 2021 live from the Italian Pavilion of Expo.

How to participate


The #T-TeC 2021 is open to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), Students (graduated and undergraduated), PhDResearchers (research fellows are also allowed to participate) from all Universities in the World. 

It will be possible to participate individually or in groups or through team composed by researchers belonging to departments of different universities and countries and with different skills.

For the 2021 edition of #T-TeC, teams of students and researchers will be able compete with each other, choosing between four technological macro-themes: 

  • Space Exploration

  • In Orbit Servicing

  • GeoInformation Applications and Platforms

  • Space Situation Awareness & Space Traffic Management

Universities will have the opportunity to present one or more ideas/projects (each project must have a different team leader and different participants). 

The innovations may concern:

  • Enabling hardware and software technologies which can be integrated at a higher level and which allow their use in different solutions, environments and scenarios;
  • Implementation of physical/mathematical models in tools and algorithms for modelling and simulation of complex operating scenarios;
  • high-level architecture view, performance and interfaces among the various system components, providing for an analysis of economic-technological feasibility together with the related usage scenarios

The proposals must have at least one of the innovations described above.

The deadline for submitting the filled Proposal Format and the relevant PowerPoint presentation is November 14th: they must be sent to the e-mail address proposals.ttec@telespazio.com.

Stay in touch and follow the contest on our social media channels with hashtag #TTeC21 !

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