#T-TeC -Telespazio Technology Contest 2020

#T-TeC 2020 Awards Ceremony

On 15 December, during a virtual awards ceremony, we announced the winners and special mention projects of the second edition of the #T-Tec - Telespazio Technology Contest, Telespazio's Open Innovation initiative.

From Italy to the United Kingdom, from France, to Germany and Spain, 50 students, PhD students and researchers from 32 departments of 20 universities in 15 European cities have partecipated at the 2020 edition of #T-TeC, challenging with innovative ideas and solutions in the space and aeronautics field. 

The #T-TeC2020 Winners

This year's #T-TeC 2020 participants competed on several technological themes in two different competition categories: 'Light', dedicated to the integration of existing technologies in order to create new services; and 'Photon', concerning the development of new technologies.

Light category


MATES- Mars Telecommunications System, from University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Members of the team: Riccardo Basile, Alessandra Gallucci, Francesco Marco Riboli, Francesco Calandro, Clelia Di Costanzo, Luca Andolfi, Antonio Gigantino, Francesco Iavicoli, Camilla Casino, Gabriella Capone, Pasquale Guida, Claudio Vela, Verdiana Bottino, Marco Cinque 

Special mention

Crystal Crop-the Crystal Ball for your Harvest from University of Leicester, UK, with AriesPACE, spin-off from University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Members of the team: Jan Oliver Ringert, Eliyas Woldegeorgis, Tom Furniss, Daniela De Medici

Photon category

Winner (ex-equo)

Development of a software tool for a receiver, to provide precise positioning using the Galileo High Accuracy Service (HAS), from Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain

Members of the team: Adria Rovira Garcia, Guillermo Gonzalez-Casado Jaume Sanz Subirana, Josè Miguel Juan 

Winner (ex-equo)

Forest fire propagation prediction with convolutional neural network using remotely sensitive products from University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy

Members of the team: Alessandro Giuseppi, Sayed Saad Saif, Alessandro Santopaolo

Special mention

Onboard Automation of Collision Avoidance Decisions from University of Bologna, Italy

Members of the team: Giacomo Curzi, Alfredo Locarini, Dario Modenini, Paolo Tortora