The most requested range of services are: co-location of rack space and asset in our teleport that customer can manage remotely, dedicated IP connectivity for critical remote areas, internet hosting, fixed satellite services, mobile satellite services and high throughput satellite services. 

Telespazio provides also hosting and co-location services for mega-constellation Operators, as well as Virtual Network Operator services (VNO) and hosted VNO services and uplink systems located at Customer premises.

Uplink, Co-location,  SCPC Service

We provide large antennas and RF equipment at a secure earth station; rack space, conditioned power, security and support for servers and solutions that customers can manage remotely; Dedicated IP bandwidth to terrestrially challenged remote areas around the world, typically using SCPC modems.

Terrestrial connectivity/ Internet hosting facility

High reliable connectivity links assure a proper integration of the hosted equipment with the main Italian and European  interexchange data centers.

Hub-based services

We operate hub platforms from respected leaders in satellite broadband, can simultaneously support many high performance networks across multiple satellites in either C-band, Ku-band or Ka-band, from FSS to HTS mega constellation assets.


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