Space Situational Awareness

Space Situational Awareness

Space is becoming a crowded environment.

We offer services to detect and track resident space objects (RSO), such as debris or satellites, as well as near earth objects and asteroids.

We support our customers with Fragmentation Detection, Reentry Prediciton, Conjuction Analysis and Collision Avoidance.

In case of Defence and Intelligence customers, Telespazio can also provide higher end services such as Pattern of Life, Anomaly Detection, Spawning and Warning to protect space assets.

In order to provide these value added services, we are able to integrate information coming from different sources, such as ground based sensors, space based sensors or existing catalogues and also heterogeneous information such as orbital parameters and Space Wheater data.

Space is today a real domain. Telespazio combines situational awareness with a strong operational capability that builds on its long experience in-orbit control operations with the aim of creating innovative In Orbit Servicing missions, such as active debris removal, life extension, refuelling and salvage.


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