Integrated Logistics Support preparation and execution

Large space systems require a complex and distributed ground segment.

We support our customer providing logistics analysis, such as LORA (Level of Repair Analysis), LCCA (Life-cycle cost analysis), spare parts analysis, the planning and management of logistics activities and all relevant training.

These services encompass the performance of the Integrated Logistics Support management for the whole ground segment systems, including the Satellite Control Center, the TT&C antennas, the Flight Dynamics System, the Mission Planning System, the networking and data dissemination assets.

In order to be effective, Telespazio starts the ILS service since the feasibility study phase (Phase A) of a satellite mission, starting from the identification of customer needs, and then continues throughout all phases of mission definition, qualification, utilization and disposal (Phase F).

Moreover, our ILS services arebased on the most used standard in the satellite industry, such as ECCS (European Cooperation for Space Standardization) and military ones.


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