Ground Station Services

We are able to provide telemetry, tracking and control during the complete satellite lifespan, including launch, drift, station-keeping and deorbiting phase.

Thanks to a wide variety of antenna resources and supporting facilities, Telespazio offers antenna services, network of ground stations as well as other ground infrastructures for hosting and testing requirements.

We leverage on a wide range of proprietary assets, including Fucino Space Center, the largest teleport for commercial use in the world.

Fucino is a state-of-the art teleport counting almost 50 antennas for TT&C services in L, S, C, Ku and Ka bandwidth.

In addition, there are 24/7 control rooms to provide unparalleled service quality and high reliable support facilities such as no-break energy provision, powerful HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and three different security systems.

Besides Fucino Space Center, Telespazio owns other locations in Europe and South America to complement its main center.

Moreover, through our partners all around the world we are able to provide service with a global reach. In particular, we provide end to end ground station network in support of satellite LEOP (Launch and Early Orbit Phase) or satellite relocation.


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