Telespazio is one of the major global suppliers of geospatial application solutions and services.

Through its subsidiaries - led by e-GEOS in Italy and GAF in Germany - Telespazio is active in all areas relating to the Earth observation market: from acquiring and processing satellite data to developing and selling software and products.

Telespazio provides application services such as environmental protection monitoring, rush mapping in support to natural disaster management, specialized products for defense and intelligence, oil spill and ship detection for maritime surveillance, interferometric measurements for landslides and ground subsidence analysis, thematic mapping for agriculture and forestry.

Telespazio is involved in the major Earth Observation programmes including the European Copernicus and the Italian COSMO-SkyMed.

In support to its operational applications, e-GEOS, joint venture between Telespazio (80%) and ASI (20%), operates the Matera Space Centre for acquisition, archiving and processing of multi-mission satellite data including COSMO-SkyMed and ESA Sentinels.

e-GEOS is the exclusive distributor of COSMO-SkyMed data worldwide.

The solution for the generation of products and services dedicated to agriculture and forestry.

End-to-end solutions for asset and infrastructure management.

Platform for operational SAT-IMINT workflows execution.

The solution for monitoring and preserving maritime environment.

The solution for emergency and disaster management.

Modular solution to generate added value products from multi sensor data for several application domains.


To monitor key areas, to avoid risks causing threats to security, to respond to critical events and anticipate environmental crimes, e-GEOS offers fast, detailed and immediately understandable information services.

Maritime Domain Awareness is essential for dealing with threats, illegal activities (such as piracy, illegal fishing and smuggling) and protection of critical infrastructure at sea (including offshore platforms and submarine cables).

For supporting the planning, management and maintenance of infrastructures and strategic assets, for Power Supply Utilities, Asset Monitoring, Transportation and Infrastructures, Mining, Oil & Gas, Natural Resources Management.

Cultural assets are precious and fragile common patrimony that must be preserved from degradation, and hydrogeological hazards over the years.

Customized Earth observation-based solutions to support the management of oil & gas infrastructure (oil fields, pipelines, etc.).

The growth of urbanization places new demands on mobility solutions. 

Food production increasingly needs more sustainable practices to safeguard our Planet and our health; the most effective technological answer from Space is a benefit/cost support to both agronomic techniques for the better crop lifecycle management and fishing activities monitoring.

On-demand geo-information services at any time during the year, everywhere in the world, exploiting any available satellite sensor to support emergency recovery actions.

Risk and resilience are common themes for public authorities, insurance companies and commercial enterprises alike - with a focus on the ability to assess, plan, mitigate impacts and share costs relating to expected and unexpected events. 

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