T-DROMES is a RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems) fleet and mission management solution, to scale-up the use of drones in complex operations in different applicative scenarios and to provide a turn-key solution from drone management up to info product generation and access.  

With T-DROMES, Telespazio has implemented a “Drone as a Service” (DaaS) approach that covers design, planning, management and execution activities of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) missions for dedicated operations and specific application needs. T-DROMES includes:

The aim is to guarantee a professional level of service in complex application scenarios in terms of scalability, area coverage, schedule, sensors management, final products generation and service availability.


Mission Design & Optimization

T-DROMES allows fitting the End-User request of a mission with the drone characteristics and drone operators availability on the territory, through the Mission Design and Optimization tool.

Mission Management

T-DROMES allows to plan each single flight and, if necessary, to upload the waypoints to the GCS of the federated drones, in order to guarantee automatic flight execution, supervised by the Pilot and to standardise the acquisition procedure of different AoIs, in different flights sessions, with different drones\pilots.

User Request & Data Exploitation

Through User Request & Data Exploitation module, T-DROMES allows the end-user to access the acquired data for its mission and the drone data catalogue, for historical data browsing and analysis by the means of the integration with e-GEOS's CLEOS Platform.  


Drones are used for precision farming practices, in particular for prescription mapping.

Infrastructure Management

Drones are used to VHR acquisitions for infrastructure census, maintenance inspections and encroachment monitoring.

Public safety and security

Drones provide authorities (such as police, fire departments, etc.) with the capability to quickly locate endangered citizens and assess hazards, in urban and sub-urban areas.

Environmental protection

Drones provide authorities (such as police, fire departments, etc.) with the capability to monitor and detect in a fast, cost effective and with high resolution manner illegal activities causing environmental crime.

Biomedical Delivery

In the mid-term, where drones will provide delivery services both in emergency scenarios and in nominal logistic situations, such as transporting medical samples and goods.



T-DROMES is powered by proprietary solutions of Telespazio Group, as well as e-GEOS application platforms (AGRIGEO, AWARE, etc...) and CLEOS.

T-DROMES mission manager engine includes solutions related to various connectivity capabilities, tracking services, GNSS positioning services, planning tools and mission workflow manager. T-DROMES allow to:


 Geographical footprint of drone related business cases.

Industrialize and standardize

The generation of  info-products.


An efficient and effective interaction between end-customer and drone mission for the relevant steps of the overall workflow.

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