Managing whistleblowing reports

Telespazio urges anyone who becomes aware of facts or behaviour that can damage the Group, or that contravene the company's values, codes and in-house corporate protocols, or any laws or regulations, and especially the anti-corruption code, to report the same with the utmost confidentiality.

Whistleblowing reports may relate to employees of the Telespazio Group, members of the Company's bodies, companies in the Group, and third parties (such as suppliers, consultants, associates, clients and agents).

By way of example, but not exhaustively, possible matters to be reported include:

  • Attempted acts of corruption, whether presumed or actual, carried out directly, via another party, or as a result of enticement by third parties (e.g. suppliers, consultants, associates, clients, and agents).
  • Conflicts of interest and other violations of the Code of Ethics.
  • Presumed illicit deeds, including those covered in Telespazio's Model 231, by members of the company, in the company's interests or to its advantage.
  • Illicit and/or fraudulent deeds causing damage to clients or the company's assets in general.
  • Violations in relation to safeguarding of workers.

For a report to be effective and adequately analysed by the relevant departments, precise, agreeing factual elements must be indicated and, where available, supporting documental evidence must be provided.

In order to ensure the confidentiality of the identity of the whistle-blower, a report can be submitted via any one of the following channels.

  • Telespazio website, even anonymously, by completing the following form
  • E-mail to the address:
  • By post to: Organismo di Vigilanza [Supervisory Board] pursuant to Leg. Decree no. 231/01, Telespazio S.p.A., Via Tiburtina 965, 00156, Rome
  • By fax to number: +39 06 40999165

In terms of the Whistleblowing Law (Law no. 179 of 30th November 2017), Telespazio guarantees protection against retaliation or discriminatory acts in the workplace, for anyone who, in good faith, reports conduct that is contrary to the law, or Telespazio's values and codes of conduct, or who refuses to act in a non-ethical manner.

For further details, see Leonardo's Guidelines on Managing Whistleblowing, adopted by Telespazio on 25th February 2019, which define and describe the process for managing qualified and anonymous whistleblowing, with specific procedures for checking and acting, while guaranteeing the anonymity of the whistleblower, and the reported person throughout all phases.