We are a team of 3.000 people operating in a company with a global footprint: 50% of our staff is based in Italy, half operates in our different subsidiaries in the world.

Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, Romania, Brasil, Argentina: these are Telespazio Group countries, where our people deliver on a daily basis highly technological space based solutions at our operating companies.

Education, skills and technical know-how are our key asset to increase competitiveness on global markets: over 70% of our people have a university degree and almost 50% of them come from an engineering background.

Strong values and company culture, free circulation of people and ideas in a diverse and inclusive environment, continuous improvement of competencies and skills, structured performance management and talent development processes, tailored listening and engagement initiatives, a well-established welfare system: this is our value proposition.

We believe that only looking after our people’s wellbeing and development we will improve our competitiveness on global markets and grow sustainably as a business.


News about our People